System Monitoring Room Female Dispatcher Control Correct Functioning of the System. In the Background People Working with Interactive Map.

Monitoring is the connection between your system and the local dispatch center.

An alarm within your facility will not automatically notify authorities in the event of a fire without this connection.  As a licensed contractor, Contech The Fire Alarm Company can provide the monitoring solution that is right for you.  In the event of a fire alarm, either by the use of traditional telephone lines, or the use of 2-way wireless radios, Contech can provide the technology to notify the municipal dispatch center or a UL Listed central dispatch station.

At Contech, our superior craftsmanship and efficient service reflect our commitment to quality, making us the premier contractor for industrial, commercial and institutional settings. Whether you’re installing a complete custom system, or just making a minor addition, you can count on receiving the same high level of professional service and personal care.

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